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About Me

I grew up in rural upstate New York, in the Finger Lakes Region. Very beautiful. Very cold. Now I'm in Arizona. Very beautiful. Very hot. I love it. My folks raised me as the typical rural upstate NY kid: naked, grounded and listening to sixties folk and rock music. Neil Young, Grateful Dead, The Beatles and Jethro Tull are still among my favorites. My parents have moved on from the frigid NY weather as well, enjoying their time in southern Florida. Though my younger brother is the only one who still braves the arctic north, we are all still incredibly close. Closer than a lot of families that live in the same house. The place I grew up, the people I knew and the music I absorbed helped shape me into the person I am today, and continue to influence my art and life.

Keeping Busy
You think you've seen it all here on my site. What else is there to tell? Well, I play acoustic rhythm guitar and consider myself a better songwriter and singer than guitarist. My music is a source of strength, healing and celebration. Mostly, I just play for myself, but once in a while I'll put on a little show for my friends.

I am an active individual, spending my time practicing yoga, hiking and bicycling. Basically, I just have trouble sitting still and am constantly immersed in one project or another. Mostly, I enjoy hanging out on my own, listening to tunes, creating things and thinking of my next big idea.

I spend a lot of time with my dogs (a.k.a. "my girls"). They are great companions. I like to just sit and observe them. You'd be surprised how much you can learn from a dog. (Give me a break, I have no kids yet.)

If you want to know more than that, I guess you'll just have to move to Arizona and start hanging out with me.

} Bicycle across the United States
} Give my parents back at least half of what they have given me
} Own enough real estate to stop working full time by the age of 35 and move to a deserted beach somewhere
} Hike the Appalachian Trail with my brother
} Visit a country other than the US, Canada or Mexico

Carissa and Deja
How to contact me

I'm always eager to receive feedback on my work. If you have something to say, or are interested in outsourcing or contracting me for photography, web, sewing or design work, email me at:

If you have interest in purchasing prints of any of my photographs or having custom sewn pieces or jewelry hand-made, please contact me for additional info and pricing.